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Apartment with two rooms about 45 m² for 2 to 4 persons

·     3 balconies with seaview

·     Blue backgroundlight

·     air condition

·     1 Bedroom for 2 persons

·     Living room with daybed for two persons and a kitchen

·     Oven with 2 fires, microwave oven with crisp grill, hood with external exhaust

·     refrigerator and freezer

·     extending table with four chairs.

·     HD LCD TV with satellite, analogue and digital terrestrial

·     gloss lacquer cabinet

·     Bathroom consists of shower toilet and bidet

·     Private Single Box Auto Garage

Bus stop for the center at 50 meters
Discount / supermarket at about 1000 mt
Shops Vari- church-services at about 900 mt
City center about 2500 meters

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